Rosy Red and Electric Blue (mary_shelley77) wrote in black_crowes,
Rosy Red and Electric Blue

Gimme weed, whites, and wine

I have had this song stuck in my head since yesterday. It's called Willin' originally made famous by Little Feat in the 70's, but has been covered by everyone from Linda Rondstadt to the Black Crowes (THANK YOU, PHOEBOS APOLLON. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) I've always had a soft, drooling spot for folk rock, and I reckon I always will.

Every time I listen to a new Crowes show I've downloaded, I am constantly amazed at the creepy coincidental evolution my musical taste has taken since I saw them in 1991 at my very first rock concert. With each album, the band just kept getting better. I know that By Your Side might be considered a monkey wrench, and aside from Horsehead and Virtue and Vice I would have to agree. However, even the greatest bands are granted at least one detour, and if By Your Side is the worst they can do, I'd like to be that awful.

Kinda like how all those Beatle 'fucking around in the studio on a bad day" bootleg takes are ten times greater than many other musicians could produce on their best day. Whenever anyone asks me why I don't play music much anymore, I give them that excuse. By now you're thinking to yourself, "That's one of the most pathetic cop-outs I've ever read."

Yes. Yes it is.
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I actually really enjoy By Your Side, but I know I'm in a minority. I love them all--Lions is my favorite, and everyone seems to have problems with that one also. But with TBC, I'm kind of like I am with the Beatles--every album is a good one, even if it's not spectacular. It's like pizza--it's always good, even when it's bad. I don't know if that makes sense.

I see The Black Crowes for the third time this summer on Saturday! Can't wait. :)
You know - you made this comment a long damn time ago, but I'm gonna comment on it anyway. I'm glad that you love Lions. I've been following the Crowes since I saw them in '91, when I was 13. Every damn album. I love them all. Lions is a wonderful album. Anyone who doesn't agree, well, I feel sorry for them. I saw them in 2001, during that tour, and it was still a beautiful show. I feel pity for whoever is so jaded that they refuse to acknowledge good music when they hear it. I remember being at the Memphis show that year, 3 months pregnant, leaning against my husband to stay on my feet, being in physical misery, but the joy at witnessing such a righteous show outweighed all of it. We'd seen them the night before in Nashville, too. Such lovely memories. The outcome of that pregnancy is now a very groovy four year old boy named Donovan. :)